How it all started

When you start nurturing Nature in the form of a dedicated space called a Garden, you soon find out how much Nature gives back in abundance, touching your soul in a profound way and with the ability to heal wounds & scars. For Nature is pure energy and humankind depends on it.
It all started in July 2018. Our front yard leading to the front door was a total mess. At the time we had seven dogs and they have decided to claim this area as a mining operation. They dug holes to lie in just about everywhere and we had to close them daily, just to find new holes the next morning. Dogs, especially in a pack love doing this. They act on instinct and learn from each other and for them it is a way to find a comfortable and warm resting place.
Of course, this ongoing ritual restricted me to do any proper gardening and I soon came to realise the only way to solve this problem will be to erect a proper fence to keep my furry friends out.
The area selected to become the new garden sloped down to the front entrance of the house and it was therefore essential to create a few terraces. The terrace idea led to the decision to create different segments with foot paths in between. This is a great way to define planting areas and to have different flower beds.
Only a few plants were bought for the new garden. Most plants came in the form of transplants, collected from the back garden. The new beds were filled with a mix of the original soil and horse manure.
And my garden took off!

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